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How to retrofit double-glazed windows

The seasons are a tough test for windows. In summer, the house is hot and stuffy, in winter it is cold and uncomfortable. Many people buy air conditioners and heaters to solve temperature problems. Few people ask the questions “How to make your home comfortable without additional devices?” and “How to make good repairs inexpensively, but with high quality?”. The answer is simple – you need to forget about installing new windows and choose retrofit with double-glazed windows!

With the retrofit double glazing windows, the apartment is cool in summer and much warmer in winter. According to statistics, houses lose about 45% of their heat due to simple single-glazed windows. With conventional retrofit double glazing, you can cut losses by up to 33%. With the maximum modernization of the window, heat loss will be even less! Also, retrofit double-glazed windows greatly reduces the amount of noise in the house. With single glazing, you can hear everything that happens on the street. After modernization of the window, the noise from the street almost completely disappears. Retrofit double-glazed window is the best option for those who live in the city center, where there is constant noise.  

What is retrofit double glazing?

Retrofit double glazing – it’s a replacement of single glazing with double glazing. 

What are the pluses of retrofit double glazing:

Traditional quality and authentic charm are preserved
Modern living-standards are made possible
Enjoy great living conditions – e.g. warmth and acoustic cosiness
Extend the lifespan of your windows
Receive great return on investment
Long-lasting craftsmanship and reduced heating bills
Stay warm and dry by keeping the adverse weather out
Let the sunlight in (and retain its warmth!)
Experience the joys of premium vacuum-sealed glazing
Make financial savings with better thermal efficiency
Increase the market value of your property

Retrofit double glazing does not take much time, but it brings great comfort to your home. Installation of one window takes less than half an hour and does not cause any problems. Our team carries out the installation very carefully, there are no delays in work. We use high-quality double-glazed windows with a vacuum seal, which are absolutely safe for the residents of the apartment, do not cause any harm, stand out for their extreme strength and amazing material fineness. Retrofitting a double-glazed window is a great option for every homeowner!

How cost retrofit double glazing windows

What to do with the price? Retrofit double glazing used to be very expensive. Few people wanted to retrofit double glazing. Retrofit double glazing was considered a bad idea for home renovation because people didn’t know all the benefits of modernization. Many people thought that replacing windows with new ones was better than retrofit double glazing. They were wrong. In the confrontation between modernized windows and new windows, the winner is retrofit double glazing. Only a retrofit double-glazed window can provide the owner of the house with excellent sound insulation, maintaining a comfortable temperature, high quality materials and a pleasant price!

Retrofit double glazing windows in UK

Right now you have the opportunity to order our retrofit double glazing services at the most affordable prices in UK! Today you can pick up options for retrofit double glazing at absolutely any price. Each homeowner can choose the option of modernizing the window that interests him, starting from the materials of the window, ending with its appearance.

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