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Round window – aesthetics of classical French architecture

History of architecture

“Oeil-de-bouef” or round windows appeared in France in the 16th century, after which they smoothly moved to English lands. Philosophers say that history is cyclical and they are partly right. Round windows are gaining more and more popularity every day, especially in private houses. They are both original and classic windows. These windows are a chic solution combining the beauty of the facade and the elegance of individual decor elements. Lovers of the classics take home design seriously and take round windows with a wooden frame, bringing tribute to high culture. Any guest who sees round wooden-framed windows will be amazed at their beauty. Such windows are a chic decoration that will make your home stand out in front of others.

Round window in modern architecture

Nowadays, round windows are the ideal option for a person who appreciates the classic style and adores expensive home furnishings. Let’s be honest – such windows are really very attractive and make you look back and smile from its design beauty. Agree, modern rectangular windows cannot even be compared with a round window. Over time, the production of round windows has changed a lot, ranging from changing the style of windows to the quality of materials. High quality materials, double glazing, a wide choice of window designs are used in the creation.

Benefits of round wooden windows

1. Wood is a natural, environmentally friendly material. The main thing is not to deprive it of this property, using varnishes and impregnations of dubious quality.

2. Service life, depending on the breed, is not less than 30 years. Products made of oak or larch – up to 100 years old.

3. High degree of noise absorption and thermal insulation.

The disadvantage of wooden windows is that wood requires periodic renewal of the paintwork. For budget varnishes, this period is about seven years, premium mixtures will last 25 years or more.

Repair of round windows

Many older houses have problems with these windows. Time passes, we all age, including windows. Replacing a round window is very expensive and difficult to repair yourself. At Sash Windows Hertfordshire, we have spent years researching, developing, refining and refining our restoration expertise. Our professionals have absolutely all the necessary high quality equipment. No need to worry about complicated repairs and high costs, whether you are a private homeowner or a commercial client, the Sash Windows Repairs team is proud to deliver on your ambitious recovery goals!

And now the answers to fresh questions:

-How to restore the sashes of a round window?

-The work takes place in stages. First, we study the casements of the window, assess the condition. It is necessary to understand whether it is possible to restore the sashes or they need to be completely replaced. If you need a replacement, you can contact a carpenter or cut the part you need out of wood yourself. Next, you need to completely remove the old paint from the doors and apply new paint. There are a lot of nuances in staining, this is the most important part in restoration! The main thing is to follow the instructions.

Why choose us for round window renovation?

-We have deeply studied the field of window restoration

-We love our job and we love to realize the goals of our clients in restoration

-We have a highly qualified team that combines traditional skills, respectful and efficient working methods, industry-leading knowledge and friendly smiles!

-In addition to restoration, functional repairs include replacing sash cords or chains, correctly balancing window weights, eliminating rattles and drafts, clearing jammed windows and upgrading locks, latches, hinges and handles!

If you want to clarify something or order a restoration – call the hotline, we will be happy to contact you!

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