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What are the most popular window sizes in the UK?

Varieties of windows

Every homeowner has a situation when windows need to be changed. This is a rather complex process that must be taken seriously. The world of windows is huge. Everyone can find windows to their taste.

There are double hung windows that are commonly used throughout the United States. They are so popular that you can find almost any window size for your home. The most popular sizes are from 24×48.

There are also panoramic windows. They are used to maximize natural light in the living room and relaxation room. Their most popular size is up to 5 feet wide and 6 feet high.

Sliding windows are also a popular option. They can be found in the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the basement. Popular sizes are 36 to 84 inches wide and 24 to 60 inches high.

Velux windows are often used in private homes. This is a very good option for nature lovers. Usually they are used on the last floors of the house. For residential premises, it is recommended to choose velux windows with a size of 78 * 98 cm or more.

How we can forget about bay windows! Ideal for classic lovers. How many times have we seen windows like this in old movies? Many times. These windows are very often used to illuminate dark corners of the house. Most commonly ordered sizes range from 3’6 to 10’6 wide and 3 to 6’6 high.

Swing windows. They are very popular in Europe. The difference from other windows in the way they are opened. They are opened with a handle. These windows are great for warm climates to ventilate the room. Popular sizes have been chosen from 1’2 to 2’11.5 inches wide and 2 feet 5.5 to 6 feet 5.5 inches high.

And the last popular type of window is an awning. They are used for the same purpose as casement windows. The only difference is in the way of opening. These windows open upward and outward. The most popular sizes range from 2ft to 5ft and heights from 1ft 8 to 3ft 6.

Selecting the size of the windows

Windows are completely different, for different rooms there are different options. The sizes of the windows vary depending on the rooms. In the bathroom you need a smaller window, in the living room a larger one. The age of the buildings an important role in the choice of windows. In old houses, windows were made small, in modern buildings they are made large and slimline. In this area, there is no exact window size, there are only popular ones. It is the popular window sizes that are chosen when replacing them.
Below is a table of popular window sizes:

Window heightWindow width

What problems can meet a buyer or why should you choose us?

The size of the window is really important. The amount of sunlight in a room depends on the size of the windows. More important is the quality of the installation of windows with sheerwater glass. If the windows are installed incorrectly, drafts, condensation, problems with the window mechanisms and much more appear! The material of the window is also extremely important. When using low-quality materials (for example, cheap plastic), a person can get health problems from fumes in hot weather. But don’t worry! Our highly qualified team has the best knowledge in the industry. We have modern equipment for the restoration and replacement of windows and use only materials that are safe for the surrounding world (for example, timber sash windows)! Our team is able to replace windows of any kind, of any size and of any complexity. Nobody beats the quality of our work! We provide first-class restoration services for all types of buildings throughout Hertfordshire and in selected surrounding areas. We guarantee that all restoration projects will be carried out to strict quality standards!

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