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Double glazing retrofitting into the existing timber frame

We provide quality restorations and solutions for all timber windows. Many of the properties we work with have pre-existing single glazing. With most single glazing, we find our customers experiencing the same common problems: such as chilly rooms, poor thermal efficiency (leading to high heating costs) and excessive condensation build-up – causing persistent damp and mould.

If these problems sound familiar, then you will be pleased to know that Sash Windows Hertfordshire offers a premium, double-glazing retrofit service that can greatly enhance your home comfort levels. Yes, we can even provide glazing upgrades for those with listed properties!

We can install modern, high quality double-glazing to almost all traditional timber windows and historic buildings. Our method has been designed to upgrade existing glazing units whilst preserving and enhancing important original characteristics.

How do we retrofit double glazing to traditional timber windows?

We use premium, vacuum-sealed double-glazing units which are highly durable yet ultra-thin. Whilst having thermal properties which rival most modern triple-glazing units, our double-glazing units are only 6.7mm thick. This means that structural alterations are kept to a minimum and the original style of the window is not compromised (this comfortably satisfies most Listed planning criteria and the local regulating authority).

What you can expect from professionally glazing Retrofitting:

  • Traditional quality and authentic charm are preserved
  • Modern living-standards are made possible
  • Enjoy great living conditions – e.g. warmth and acoustic cosiness
  • Extend the lifespan of your windows
  • Receive great return on investment
  • Long-lasting craftsmanship and reduced heating bills
  • Stay warm and dry by keeping the adverse weather out
  • Let the sunlight in (and retain its warmth!)
  • Experience the joys of premium vacuum-sealed glazing
  • Make financial savings with better thermal efficiency
  • Increase the market value of your property

Our double-glazing installations are typically delivered as part of a comprehensive restoration package. This includes all repairs to timberwork and complete redecorations to finish.

Structural adjustments

Because upgrading from single- to double-glazing adds extra glass panes it also adds extra weight. The SWH experts make all necessary structural adjustments and correct all mechanical functions (e.g. rebalancing sash window weights) so that your windows will operate more safely and smoothly than ever before!

Here at Sash Windows Hertfordshire, we are passionate about restorations and it is our pleasure to not just return traditional windows to their former glory, but to enhance all-round quality and increase living conditions at the same time.

If you’d like to find out more and arrange your own bespoke, re-glazing and restoration solutions, then contact us here.

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Our services price guide

We provide first-class solutions to every project. We work with the specific requirements of you and your property and cover all aspects of wooden window repair, renovation and

Price estimate per project, per 10 windows:

Repair & Painting£4650£5250
Painting only£2300£2600
Double Glazing£9150£9650

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